Domus Chemicals

Producers of chemical solutions

Chemistry is an invisible but fundamental value for many sector of use: it is the basis of decisive products for the functioning of production processes and articles used in everyday life. This is why the diversification of production is the engine that drives the continuous evolution of Domus Chemicals, today a reference point in the international chemical scene.

Domus Chemicals researches, develops and produces a very wide range of chemical products, with the aim of offering customized solutions in response to the different needs of customers.
The trust shown to the company by prestigious entrepreneurial relatives companies in different sectors demonstrates the reliability, efficiency and know-how that have always distinguished it. 

Chemical evolution for over 60 years

Domus Chemicals born as a company producing soaps and detergents, in its more than 60 years of business vastly extends its skills, to become a company capable of producing highly specialized chemicals in different fields of use. Thanks to continuous investments the seat of Pedrengo, close to Bergamo, boasts technologically sophisticated systems and machinery.