Business ethics

Ethical Code

Domus Chemicals is committed to founding its business on strong human values and solid principles of loyalty, morality, respect and correctness. These fundamental principles are the basis of an important document, useful for establishing good rules and non-negotiable minimum standards that we require from our direct and indirect suppliers, for the daily respect of the human rights and the achievement of solid commercial relationships.
This Code has been prepared with the aim of clearly defining the set of values that Domus Chemicals recognizes, accepts and shares, and which therefore requires to companies, including subsidiaries, with which it collaborates and conducts business in the context of all activities carried out.
Domus Chemicals expects the supplier to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, achieving a consistent reputation in terms of international standards, including UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Fundamental Conventions and the UN Global Compact principles.
Sharing and application of the fundamental values collected in this document lead to clearly define that it is not just its duties rights and interests, but also those of others. In other words, one must be aware that the wellness and respect for all must always be explicitly taken into consideration.

Privacy Policy


This information page clarifies internal channel mode of operation for reporting crimes or irregularities occurred in Domus Chemicals; this implements the provisions of the new Legislative Decree 24/2023 regarding Whistleblowing, which our company must comply to. The channel can be accessed online by clicking here. If you proceed to make a report anonymously, remember to keep the nickname automatically generated during registration.