Compatibilizers and modifying


Domus Chemicals S.p.a. presents its range of additives for plastics, the result of decades of experience that has been consolidated through collaboration with major chemical multinationals and has led, in some cases, to patent coverage of production.
The range includes: flame retardants and polymer modifying additives.
In particular, flame retardants, all developed and produced at the laboratories and the Pedrengo plant, are highly innovative as they allow the user to achieve high flame retardant performance in compliance with the most current regulations and requirements. In particular, compounds without halogen or with very low halogen content can be obtained.
The most common polymers of application are the polyolefins (PP, LDPE, HDPE) and some thermoplastic rubbers. Products with a low halogen content can also be used in PS.


Range of masterbatches obtained chemically
Contain up to 20% of liquid peroxide
Used to increase the fluidity of PP

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